Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rose Bowl Upset and Bread Bowl Wins!

Another day in school. Come to find out the class may be cancelled due to lack of registered students. People who audit the class aren't included in the class registration. We will have to wait to see what the administration decides. Regardless, George is coming in tomorrow and it will be so good to see my dear friend. He is the bread guy, baking his sourdough loaves, testing out new formulas, studying and comparing recipes.

Tonight, at the request of Annie, I baked a half sheet of focaccia, but I am not pleased with the carmelized onions, too harsh flavor. I quickly remove the larger pieces and that does the trick. Nicely browned crust all around, lots of olive oil, and soft dough in the center. She's bringing a pasta to class tomorrow and she asked for bread sticks ala Olive Garden. I just didn't want to spend the time rolling dough. (It was right in the middle of the Rose Bowl game, c'mon!) Also baked another batch of cinnamon bunz, this time letting the dough autolyze, just experimenting. More flavor this time, and more of a rise on the second proof in the pan. These are such lovely little bunz!

By the way, USC lost but not by much. I'm
glad I got the chance to catch the final quarter, exciting right down to the final seconds. Too bad for USC, with Texas ending their winning streak, but they still played a good game. I hear the Baker Boyz may start working at USC sometime soon. Good luck, guys and muy buena suerte!

Tomorrow we are baking a Three Kings Cake for class on Friday! Thanks to Chef2Chef for the recipes. Don't forget to hide the baby in the cake!

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