Thursday, January 05, 2006

Napkin Folding 101

Today we practiced our napkin folding, beginning with the Astoria, Chloe, Bowtie & Fan folds. As simple as it sounds, napkin folding really is a beautiful part of Restaurant Service. There are hundreds of different folds, each appropriate to the type of place setting, whether for banquets, buffets, etc. We are expected to master only about 40 folds, and time ourselves to see how many and how quickly we can get done. It is fun to watch these guys, and some of them are quite good, very proud of themselves.

We learned today that this class will not be cancelled. Good thing, since I am doing this in order to take the two certifications, Serv-Safe Alcohol and Service. Chef is the only instructor in school who administers certification exams. I still have two more after this. So I bus tables, clean the front line area, help out, and try to do whatever I am asked. It is called paying dues, which I am grateful to pay for the tremendous benefits I receive.

If I get up early enough tomorrow, I may back up a batch of Snickerdoodles. We are out of the proper ingredients for the Three Kings Cake, bummer.

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Rick Martinez said...

I have a good tape ( most likely Chef Joe has shown you all the same one ) on napkin folding.

Christine great Blogger
Keep the faith

ps you are a blessing to our industry, Peace Chef RM