Tuesday, July 13, 2010

5 Guys Burger

We tried the 5 Guys in SD this weekend and it was quite a burger. Of course, I left the camera -- (Homer says, "DOH!") --- but the aroma lingered in the car! Only critique we had was the scent of chili in the place was really from the mixture of cajun spice, grillin' onions and fries. Would have been over the top if they had chili, but maybe later. Anyway, good thing we did order the hand-cut fries, man, they tasted like real potatoes. I should have gone for the smaller burger, but the monstrosity I chomped down was awesome. Big beefy patties, fixed to order, you choose what toppings you like, and melty cheese all over the place. Definitely needs another try, but sure would like some chili. I hear there are five 5 Guys in the area now. Hmm...gotta gas up the old jalopy!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Oinkster!

Oh man, should have had the camera going, just so you could see the heavenly feast I enjoyed recently. Surely this place is where all good pastramis are born, and then gratefully eaten! Go for yourself and taste the difference. I am a lifelong fan of pastrami dips, known only to us who live in Southern California. Try and order one out of the area and they give you a deli stack sandwich---not the same thing. I've had pastramis from The Hat, Chronis, Rick's, Jim's, J&S on Garfield (open 24 hrs., right off the 60 Fwy), Garduno's and many other burger joints over the decades. This one gets my vote for the best! Planning another trip soon, so next time I'll post photos. Go there now, don't wait!