Friday, January 20, 2006

Garden Room Dining

We had two, count them, TWO events in the Garden Room this week. The International Buffet theme on Wednesday was "Mexican" complete with flan, tamales (sweet and savory), the usual rice & beans, carne asada, carnitas, mole, green salad with black beans and corn, and of all things SUSHI!! We served about 23 covers, not too bad. If only our one problem was a shortage of salsas. The tamales were raw, the beans were burnt, and the pork was dry. When the guests constantly send back raw tamales, meat tough as shoe leather, either undercooked or overcooked food, that is pretty sad. I wish the only things I reported here were positive, tasty, and delicious, but things at school do not always go smoothly. We do our best to accommodate the diners, the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th semester classes try to make every dish a masterpiece, but mistakes are made. On Thursday things got worse. The retirement banquet for 80+ guests was a big embarrassment. The chicken they served was raw, a potentially dangerous food hazard. It was such a waste, I saw so many plates of food that had to be dumped. Our class offers good service, but if the food made by the other classes is inedible, what are we supposed to do but smile and offer a beverage and dessert. Oh well.

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