Tuesday, January 17, 2006


My team partner from 1st semester Professional Baking is moving to San Diego tomorrow. Elaine is truly one of the most wonderful women who walk God's green earth. She was such a joy to work with in the bakery, top-notch baking skills, full of creative ideas, and best of all she was funny, always kept me laughing. I missed not being able to continue last Fall, although I did pay a visit in October. It was so good to see her again, as she was busy creating another dessert masterpiece. We have kept in touch through e-mail and phone calls. I hope to pay a visit soon so I can see her new Kitchen-Aid range and oven with steam-injection. Wow! Maybe a Dodgers vs. Padres game would be a good excuse! She inspired me to continue studying baking, testing out formulas, comparing different methods, and researching new and innovative products and trends in patisserie and artisan breads.
Happy Baking & Cooking, Elaine!

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