Friday, July 13, 2007

We'll Be Right Back After These Messages

1. Finally got our new hookup and we're back online. Thanks Mike!

2. Camera is ready. New computer is ready. New keyboard is ready. Now I gotta find the photo connection plug. Ayyayyay!

3. JURY DUTY. We shall see how this goes with regard to time, but I do hope to have a few posts while I serve. For now I will catch up with posts from last month, during the computer changeover.

4. New cookbooks arrived at the La Vida Dulce cocina, so we must try out these new recipes.

5. Thanks to my MD and my amiga Viola, I am on Weight Watchers. It is amazing what you can do with portobello mushrooms, salsa, whole wheat tortillas and a smidgen of frijoles.

Mas chismes y mas recetas. Y menos de calorias! Tastes great, less filling. That will work for me!