Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mystery of the Missing Pecan Bites Solved!

We had a whole pan of chocolate pecan pie bites for a Thanksgiving treat and they mysteriously disappeared overnight. I was sad because I only got to eat a couple, including one on Thanksgiving night. There was about half a tray leftover that evening, after plating up some for our guests to take home. Next morning, they were all gone! DOH! Nothing left but an empty tray...DUN-DUN-DUN!! Where did they go? My younger sister was visiting with us for a few days. Although she has multiple disabilities and illnesses, she can get around on her own just fine. That morning I went to take my shower and when I came into the dining room after getting dressed, the tray was empty, only crumbs. Darn it, and I was looking forward to having one with coffee that morning. Oh well, I assumed that Michael and Lauren divvy-ed them up and that was that. Later I asked Michael how he liked the pecan bites. Come to find out he never touched them and neither did Lauren. AHA! Turns out my sister got up early, sneaked into the dining room and helped herself to them for breakfast! I should have known, she had such a playful look in her eyes and she was giggling and smiling all morning. Clever girl, she waited until the coast was clear and made her move! And they call her disabled? No way!

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Anonymous said...

Can I get the recipe for your chocolate pecan pie bites?