Sunday, November 26, 2006

Chocolatier by Nestle

When I was a kid, just after the end of the covered wagon days, there was a Nestle's commercial with a guy and his dog named Farfel, singing "N-E-S-T-L-E-S, Nestle's makes the very best choco-late" and the dog would snap his chops together at the last syllable. If I could sing like Farfel, you would hear me go "C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-I-E-R, Chocolatier makes a dark rich bar!" No kidding, this is really good stuff. Check for coupons in the paper, it is a bit pricey, but well worth it. I used the Chocolatier dark chocolate morsels on top the little pecan pie bites, and oooh was that a rich treat! I made a whole pan, ate two pieces myself, shared some with guests, and now we have none left! ARRRGH! If you go to the Nestle site at, sign up for the monthly coupons and recipes. Chocolatier morsels are larger in size than regular chips, but the total weight is less, only 10 oz. per package, the bar is 8 oz. It is available in both 53% and 62% cacao. Use them wisely, in something meant to be decadent and flavorful, and share with those who really appreciate good dark chocolate. Save the milk chocolate for the unwashed. They whine, "Eewww, I don't like dark chocolate." Forgive them, for they know not what they miss. Enjoy this new product this season in your holiday baking.
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mooncrazy said...

Good to know this. I looked at the price and winced. I don't mind paying more but hate it when it doesn't live up to the hype.