Sunday, November 05, 2006

Donut Day!

I just read an article from the New York Daily News that declared this very day to be Donut Day. This is a day I gladly celebrate. Being well acquainted with donuts and all their species, let me raise my Los Angeles Dodgers mug of steaming hot coffee in honor of this day. To those many sprinkled, frosted, glazed and plain wonders, who so sweetly and gallantly gave their all, I hereby pledge my loyalty, and swear to uphold my coffee mug and cheer. Well done, my precious little buttermilk bars made fresh at the Shell gas station, well done. And to you, my little Krispy Kremes, whose stores are closing left and right, we'll meet again soon. And to the many Winchell's who are also fading from the scene, hold on, old man, I'll find you. To the Helms Bakery Man and his truck, who visited our block twice a week, thank you for those fond childhood memories of glazed donuts, you are gone but not forgotten. And finally, to Van De Kamp's and their plain cake donuts that I can still find at Ralphs supermarket, though their grand old baking facility is closed, thanks for sticking around all these years. To all of you who delight in that freshly made warm donut and a cup of coffee---Happy Donut Day!


mooncrazy said...

Happy Donut Day to you! You crack me up. I think we must have grown up at the same time as your memories and mine are quite the same. Helms Bakery--Culver City--I can still hear the toot, toot.

La Vida Dulce said...

Me too! Yeah, you hang around long enough, then you start to miss some of those simple things that are long gone. As a kid I dreamed of running away with the Helms Man. All those creme puffs!