Monday, December 24, 2007

An Auntie Mame Christmas

This is another one in the long list of Christmas movies we love. If you scroll down, you can click on a scene from the movie. I love technology. Like Auntie Mame's Christmas, this season has been a little rough. But what we lack in "stuff" we make up in laughter, joy and love. And good food. We were blessed to have my sister spend the Christmas weekend with us and once again we had great time. A baked ham, potatoes, salad, bread, and no less than two desserts, a simple meal yet so delicious. I forgot to take pictures of the "60 Second Chocolate Mousse" darn it, maybe next year! We are grateful for our blessings and to be able to share them with others.

Sure, it's been a little rough this season, but you know, nothing gets you out of feeling sorry for yourself like helping somebody else. I stuffed gift bags and we cooked a Christmas meal at the church for those in the community who are in real need. I set out cots and blankets, put up tables and chairs, and helped cook at the shelter. I helped the parish nurse administer flu shots, doing the necessary paperwork with the clients.

I tell you this personal data about me, not to sound like a goody-goody, but to let you know who I am and what I believe is the answer to the big questions---Action. I am not Oprah nor do I have the resources to do grand things like the great and powerful. I admire her resolve and determination, and I look to this coming year for the great and powerful to lead us. (GET OUT AND VOTE!) What I can offer are the small things, minor tasks, simple meals. If you need to know more, look up Isaiah 58 and Matthew 25. Enough said.

While I poured the punch and coffee for the clients, I realized that Penny Lane, the kitty at the top of this page, lives a better life than the folks we serve. She sleeps on top of a brand new comforter on my bed, has all the food and water she wants, and gets lots of love from us. I also thought about how lovingly so many folks come out and give of themselves during the holidays. Bless you all for doing your part. One last thing---Remember that men, women and children are in need all year, and if you get a chance, please support your local organizations with your time, your talents, and your financial contributions.

God bless you and Merry Christmas!

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