Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Emeril and the Dodgers 50th Anniversary Float

Happy New Year! Hope you all have a wonderful year full of love and all the good things. Well, I almost broke with tradition to watch the Tournament of Roses Parade in person this year. Came pretty close, but no cigar. Two reasons. The Los Angeles Dodgers are celebrating the 50th anniversary this year, and a float was entered. Can you believe it, I actually attended two games that first season in 1958. Gramps worked for a company that printed the programs, and he was given the tickets. I will always cherish the memory of watching Major League Baseball at the Coliseum. Next reason, Emeril was the Grand Marshall of the parade this year. Gotta love the guy, he put Food TV on the map, bamming his way to a well-deserved success. His "Essence of Emeril" show is the best, and he is a great teacher and an inspiration to all of us foodies. I thought about it for a while, but neither event was enough for me to go out into the cold morning. Better to watch on TV curled up with a warm cup of coffee, some Cranberry Bliss clone and a blanket, "Northern Exposure" and "Twilight Zone" marathons, and endless football. Ahh, what a country!

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Moon said...

Memories, yes! I too saw the Dodgers in the LA Coliseum. I wore a black fringed cowgirl skirt complete with two cap guns, holsters and hat. Hey, I was eight.

Happy New Year!