Monday, December 03, 2007

"That's What Friends Are For" Tea Cakes

Rod Stewart sings that famous song in the final scene of the comedy "Night Shift" while Shelly Long, Michael Keaton and Henry Winkler walk into the cold dark night, after reconnecting as friends in yet (yes folks!) another New York-based movie. An uptight clerk, a goof-off, and a call girl, yeah, doesn't that spell Christmas? This time the story really does take place around the holidays, beginning with spending time in night court on Thanksgiving night. Later on in the movie, Henry Winkler's character receives a unique Christmas present, a fur-trimmed pimp hat! Nothing says the holidays like a sleazy gift from hookers. I won't give too much away, but it really is funny.

But the real charm of this movie is the genuine friendship that grows between these three unlikely characters and it actually changes them. Where I come from, the message of Christmas is to save us all "when we had gone astray" just like in the carol. What more can I say, it's a wacky Christmas story. Through their support of each other they all give up their sleazy ways, and really, isn't that what friends are for? Tidings of comfort and joy, that's true friendship.

Martino's Bakery in Burbank makes the most delicious little cakes, these two are the cranberry cake and the tea cake. You are sure to make lots of friends if you bring these little gems along to your next holiday function. Moist, tender with a hint of honey in the icing. The cranberry cakes are also wonderful, with the tartness of the cranberries to offset the sweetness. They are plated next to my favorite Christmas mug, a hand-painted import from Italy. Stop by Martino's and check out their selections of gelatos and many other holiday treats, like their beautiful Gingerbread Houses and Christmas Tree Coffee Cakes. Offer some comfort and joy to your friends with these sweet treats from Martino's, that's what friends are for!

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Burbank CA 91502
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