Saturday, September 30, 2006

Think Blue!

Well, this has been one heck of a year with my Boys in Blue! I had high hopes for a great year, but never did I expect anything like this, clinching a spot in the playoffs. Now my question is --- what happens next? We are still tied with SD, and are still in the Wild Card spot. Oh Lucy, somebody splain, pleeze! I will have to wait for the LA Times Sports page, either online after midnight, or if I hit the sack early, I will read it tomorrow in print. Whatever happens, I am soooo happy. There's a Rally scheduled at the Universal City Walk on Monday, check the paper for details.


doodles said...

great minds Christine........sure wish I could be there. I hope the TV coverage is good.

mooncrazy said...

Worse case, they have to play the Mets, ugh. Best is they beat the pants off the Giants and Phillys play the Mets. Either way, it's damn time and exciting, too. Must go get me some Dodger Dogs at the market for a feast.