Friday, September 08, 2006

Back To School

I can't believe it, it's time to get back to school. Good thing it's on Saturday mornings, I certainly don't want higher education getting in the way of my life. (Oh sure, like I have my calendar booked solid!) I still don't know where the summer months went. Seems like last week I was planning on pruning the roses and picking the figs before the birds got to the good ones. Needles, our iguana got the few small figs I picked for him. Yes, and just in time for Russ Parson's article in the Food Section this week about glorious California figs. Gosh, how I love that man! He is one of my food heroes who inspired me to go to culinary school. It was his roasted lamb technique and his snickerdoodles that made me a fan forever. We even used one of his recipes in baking class. That's high praise indeed.

Well, the summer has turned out to be pretty awesome. Except for the loss of my beloved Nikk the Pomeranian, things have been good out here at the old 1950's ranch style house. I'd complain about a few things, but oh big woo! Like who would listen anyway? I am grateful for a whole lotta stuff. Shadow, our seriously injured kitty, has healed up quite well. He's back to his sweet self, acting like the same doofus he was before his unfortunate accident. At this very moment, he's attacking a floral arrangement in the living room. What a guy!

My Bums are in first place right now. Maybe we won't have to wait till next year. Hey, it could happen! Regardless of the outcome of the playoffs, it's been a relatively good season. It could have been worse, and it has been much worse. So I keep praying and THINK BLUE---Go Dodgers!

We have tried out some new desserts, and a few new ingredients. My baking buddy George says the new Nestle Chocolatier makes some pretty darn good tasting cookies. It was his idea to make the Chocolate Covered Cheesecake on a Stick. Thanks dude, you're amazing, what a treat! Unfortunately, like Shakira says, the hips don't lie. They scream out the number of calories in every wickedly delicious bite! So it's a good thing we can share with our neighbors and Lauren's family.

More good news, Chef Gordon is recovering from surgery and I am looking forward to seeing him soon. I also heard from Elaine, and hope to see her as well.

Nope, didn't get the new food processor, postponed the Vegas and San Diego trips for a couple of months, and forget about St. Louis this year. And Hawaii. It also would have been nice to visit NYC and go with Calvin Trillin on the Chinatown Walking Tour. There will be another time for all that travel, just not right now.

Michael says he'll upgrade my computer for me, so that will save a ton of money. And he's looking for a decent cheap digital camera. A good food blogger needs to display the wares, show off the goods, and make dazzling presentations.

Alice was kind enough to organize a beautiful memorial for my nephew, on what would have been his birthday. It was touching to see how much he was loved by so many of his friends. I loved hearing the stories about him, all the fun he had with his friends back in the old neighborhood where he grew up. That's the way I'd like to remember him, happy, playing the guitar, singing for everyone. And of course the food we shared was outstanding. Antipasto salad, garlic bread, pasta, pizzas, cupcakes and ice cream, what a feast! My nephew would have loved it when we lit the candles on our cupcakes and sang happy birthday to him. Rest in peace.

We have a new baby in the family this summer and another baby is on the way in the fall. That makes me a Great-Auntie three times in about a year! Monica is well and happy, my beautiful son-in-law Jim is too. Michael is busy with work and his computers. And Lauren. My life, this Vida Dulce, yeah, it really is pretty sweet. Can the Gingerbread Houses, Holiday Cookies, Rum Cakes, Tamales, Pozole, Turkey, Standing Rib Roast and Ciabatta Stuffing be too far away? Nah, thank God!


mooncrazy said...

Ah, a Dodger fan! I knew I liked you. Nice post. Sometimes life hits us from different directions but it hits all of us. Good luck with school.

doodles said...

Well that makes three of us!!!! It is hard being a Dodger fan from so far away don't get to see many games on TV.
Tell us more about this culinary school deal........good for you!!!

I have had frozen chocolate covered key lime pie now that was a treat.

Anonymous said...

good to know school is starting for you once again...

i hope you have a good sememster...

see you soon, lauren...