Sunday, June 04, 2006


It only takes a minute. Friday night I went to take a shower, and by the time I got dressed, Nikk our 17-year-old Pomeranian was gone. I called out to him, but he wasn't on the patio. Then I saw the back gate was left wide open. He's gotten out of the yard before, but usually comes right back and sits on the front porch, waiting for someone to let him in. And he was going to get his doggy bath, so his collar was off. I went looking for him all over the neighborhood, calling his name and singing his puppy song. All the animals, even the iguana, have their own baby songs, the same as my kids. Michael hates it when I do that. So there I am, my hair already looking like "Tondaleo" and going up and down the street, "Cause my mudder love me so much." Nobody had seen Nikk and it was getting dark. But Nikk is very old, suffering from severe arthritis, incontinence, going blind in one eye, and losing his hearing. All last week he hardly touched his food and wasn't drinking much water. Not much chance of finding him, but we shall when I call the animal control people. Saturday we got his dog license renewal in the mail. I thought of all the times he sat by the kids when they were sick, when he tried to protect us from the pizza delivery man, and of all his little playful tricks. It is sad to think of him wandering all alone out there, and with the terrible heat wave, no water. I can only hope if somebody has him tonight, he's getting some puppy love.

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maltese parakeet said...

oh, so heartbreaking. i'm sending all my good thoughts out there to the cosmos to bring your doggie back home.