Monday, June 19, 2006

The Nasty Bits

If Monica is reading this post, she may want to avert her eyes for a moment. Oh heck, it's OK, she already knows about it. Anthony Bourdain was in the area for a book signing yesterday. We chose to see him at the Hollywood Farmers Market, rather than Vromans in Pasadena. Good choice. The market was spectacular, tons of wonderful produce, and of course, the delicious pupusas. The veggie is becoming my favorite. I brought home some beautiful kumuqats and berries, the best were the little blueberries, sweetest I've ever tasted. I also picked up some chocolate mint and lavender plants, hope the cats don't eat them. There's a recipe by Chef Bob Wemischner, (my baking and pastry instructor) in his wonderful book "The Vivid Flavors Cookbook" for Lavender Honey Ice Cream with Grilled Pineapple. It sounds fabulous and I'd like to add some fresh lavender.

Tony Bourdain was not nasty at all. Quite the contrary, and we were amused watching him stroll along the farmers market, smoking a cig, enjoying the cool morning. He was gracious, friendly, even signed my chef coat, adding a little chef's knife under his signature. He had a good laugh about our family tradition, wishing a Happy Birfcake, and sweetly wrote that message in Monica's book. What a guy! He smiled for pictures with anyone who asked. Of course, I still don't have a camera, dag nappit! My partner in crime had him sign all her Bourdain books, even the personal ones not for sale by the Cook's Library. I don't think Vroman's would have been quite that accommodating. Although there are no recipes in Bourdain's new book, I am sure that Monica will be very happy with this little gift for her birfcake next month.


elle said...

i'm so glad he's cool cause i like him alot.

La Vida Dulce said...

Yes, he is very cool and so sweet to everyone. How can he eat like that and stay so slim?

mooncrazy said...

I think we should take up a collection to get you a camera.

Tell us more about the Hollywood farmer's market?