Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Moment of Zen at the Checkout Line

I had to get moving quickly. Michael was getting ready for work and we were completely out of any coffee products in the house. Unthinkable! No instant espresso stuff I use for baking, no sample packs, no gift bag-size gourmet ground, no whole beans, not even a spare hotel packet. NADA! So I rushed out to Ralphs, and of course at 7am, there is only one checkout line. I despise that store for so many reasons, but since it is the only market within miles, and I don't count the 7-11 located 5 blocks away, Ralphs was my only choice. They had just opened a second line, and I followed the man in front of me. Then a veteran bimbolina cut in line, black roots growing out of her blonde-streaked dye job, age inappropriate clothing Britney Spears would never wear, yammering on her cell-phone, at the same time giving me her whiny story about being in line before him, blah-blah-blah, the blithering went on & on. "Oh go ahead!" She still didn't shut up. I glanced over at the tabloid rack, looking for something to take my mind off the first rude act of the day. There it was, above the InStyle, a small section of paperbacks and stuck in the middle, a Nick Hornby book! At Ralphs? I already read that one, but the memory of how much I enjoyed it made me smile. Amazing. Small favors, little wonders, and rare sightings --- what sweet miracles we are blessed with, they are all around us if we look for them.
Total La Vida Dulce!

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Anonymous said...

my 18 year old dog wandered off a few years ago and everyone was sure he had "gone off to die."

Lo and behold he was found on a hiking trail 3 days later, angry, dazed and confused. But mainly ANGRY.

Lived 7 more years.

please keep us posted!