Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Too Late For Pullet Surprise

Mea culpa, missed entering this year's contest held over at Peanut Butter Etouffe. Click the title of this post for the winners, and just like Kip, don't I love technology. By the time I looked at my calendar it was a dia late and a peso short. Up to my elbows in changes, drama, and La Vida Dulce in general, I am so glad March is over. On to the good stuff, bring it! So here it is, a late entry, Burritos de papas con huevos y jamon. You will need 2 potatoes, eggs, ham, onions, grated cheese, s/p to taste, (plus salsa, sour cream, jalapeno & cilantro optional), and of course large size tortillas.

In a preheated cast iron skillet on medium-high, brown two potatoes, medium dice, in a bit of olive oil and a splosh of butter. When potatoes are almost ready, add 1/4 cup finely diced onion and 1/4 cup diced ham, and seeded, ribs removed and diced fresh jalapeno, optional . While these are cooking, beat 4-6 large AA eggs in a bowl, then pour into pan. Gently mix in eggs and let set slightly. Turn over with a spatula, then add the grated cheese on top, 1/4 cup or more, turn off the heat and cover. We like the cheddar/jack blend, it is your choice. While the cheese is melting, warm the tortillas on a clean hot griddle or over the gas flame, just like abuelita did.

This quantity will make 3-6 monster burritos, depending on the size of the tortillas. We like the Sonora size for burritos, around 12+ inches in diameter. Smaller tortillas are just as good, only resist the temptation to eat more than two burritos, their small size can be deceiving and very filling.

Here is a short guide on how to fold big stuffed burritos. Start with placing your warmed tortilla on a large dinner plate. Then add your fillings, not exactly in the center, but more towards the bottom third of the tortilla as shown. If it gets too close to the center, fold the tortilla over the fillings, then pull it all to the edge. Fold over that side, the one closest to you.

Next, fold in the two sides to the center of the filling, keep it covered. Then bring the sides in.

Just before you get ready to roll, check to see if you want to add anything, like salsa, more cheese, salt and pepper, Tapatio hot sauce, whatever you like. Now get ready to start rolling. In one continuous move, roll the burrito over itself, keeping it on the plate. Grab both sides and get rolling!

OK, we are almost there! You can see why using the dinner plate is important, it provides a good support, especially when you want to add additional ingredients, like a good salsa, making it easy to transport back and forth from the stove to the counter.

It is also ready for serving once the rolling is done!

Tah-dah! There you have it, a big breakfast egg burrito.

For presentation, cut in half at the center at an angle, and serve with additional salsa, cheese, sour cream or go way over the top covering it with a warm chile sauce, and serve it "wet" topped with some chile strips. A breakfast like that calls for an afternoon nap! Enjoy, amigos.


Moon said...

So sorry you didn't get this in. It looks yummy, bring on the jamon!

La Vida Dulce said...

Oh yeah! Love that piggy meat. Thanks!