Monday, March 31, 2008

Dodgers Win Home Opener of the 50th Anniversary

We did it, the Bums kicked SF butt in a win that counts! Sure, the exhibition game on Saturday at the Coliseum was memorable and a tribute to that first season here in Los Angeles. I was there for that first season back in 1958, just a chiquita La Vida Dulce child. So a win would have meant a lot on Saturday, but heck, I'll take a 5-0 win over the hated ones any day! In honor of the 50th Anniversary, we got together with the cousins and celebrated with bacon-wrapped ballpark dogs, complete with grilled onions, tomatoes on a soft bolillo, (did you know that the city has banned the street vendors from selling the famous hot dogs from their makeshift carts?) and carne asada soft tacos. I hear that Canter's now has a concession stand at Dodger Stadium. That certainly calls for a ballpark grub review this season. For the real story, sports fans, click the title of this post. Let's go Dodgers! BTW---that baseball is signed by both Ron Cey and Jerry Reuss.

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Moon said...

Me too. I was at a game in the Coliseum but when I went the first time to Dodger Stadium, wow! What a thrill and it still is, when I can afford it. Go Dodger!