Sunday, December 31, 2006


There are a few people we meet along the way who are unique. As Granny used to say "they threw away the mold" and it was true about Larry. There were no strangers in this world, only friends he hadn't yet made. You had a problem, Larry would listen. Your secrets were safe with him. Got car trouble, if he couldn't fix it, he knew someone who could. On moving day, Larry was there with his truck to help you out. If you enjoyed yourself at his house parties a little too much, Larry took the keys and made sure you slept over. If you needed it, he was there with a cold one. He could tell just by looking at you if there was something going on. Always laughing, brewsky in hand, watching the game, sitting at the round table. Talk about living a sweet life. A very dear friend to all who knew him, more like a brother to most of us, Larry passed away recently. Anyeurism, gone in his sleep. He had just moved out of state and was looking forward to his new home. Knowing Larry, he was probably getting ready to start remodeling, landscaping the yard, knocking out walls, putting in a spa, he could do all those things and more. But above all, Larry was my friend at a time when I desperately needed one. He helped me through a disastrous event in my life, so horrific and so terrifying. Larry did what he could to help ease the pain and tried to make it all go away. For that he will always have a special place in my heart. My prayers go out to his family in the hope that they will be comforted knowing how much he was loved by so many of us. Tonight, as I ring in the New Year, I will fondly remember all the New Year's Eve parties and celebrations we all shared.
Here's one for you, Larry. Salud!
Vaya con Dios, amigo.

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mooncrazy said...

I too have lost a few this year and though I miss them I am a better person for knowing them. Salud to all the Larrys in our lives.