Monday, December 04, 2006

In-N-Out Burger Break

We were all so done with turkey, the soup, the tacos, the sandwiches, ay ya basta! Enough already. Although I still have some dark meat in the freezer, nothing sounded so good as In-N-Out cheeseburgers, root beer and fries. Michael had the double-double, Lauren and I went for singles. No onions this time, although I love that you have a choice of either raw or grilled onions. So tell me why was the place so packed with people late at night? Don't these people have homes, why aren't those children in bed? You'd think they were giving away free burgers. I sound like Grandpa again! I saw two suvs, with both drivers yakking on their cellphones, nearly crash into a third suv. The drive-through line moved slowly yet steady, and my patience was rewarded with some cool 80's music on the radio. All the way home I could smell the yummy fries, good thing I put the box on the floor, well out of my reach. They'd be gone before I got home.

A few years back, at his book signing for "Bouchon" Chef Thomas Keller was asked which restaurants in Los Angeles were his favorites. Immediately, without missing a beat he said In-N-Out Burgers was one of them. Hearing that made me laugh, then I let out a "woo-hoo" and others joined in cheering and applauding. Can you believe all these foodies getting excited over Keller's stamp of approval on a burger! He's right, these burgers are amazing stuff, and that's what a hamburger's all about.

Locations throughout Southern California


maltese parakeet said...

my husband thinks in-n-out is a food group, so let's just say i eat there a lot! we always order off the "secret menu". he gets the 3x3 and i usually get my burger done animal sytle.

mooncrazy said...

Of course lil bird would beat me to a comment and don't be suprised to see another PBE posting her comment, too. You see In-n-out is a family fav and there are two places Doodles husband has to visit when he's in town, this place and Tico's.

You are so right about the fries, they get eaten from the bag first.

doodles said...

well heck I'm late to this burger fest......yep In is a fav. Eat fries first then the burger. In fact a t-shirt is on the Christmas list for hunky husband. Also can you go to Tito's and just steal a t-shirt.

La Vida Dulce said...

They also make pretty decent pink lemonade and milk shakes. Still, you gotta love those greasy grilled onions, I could eat them all by themselves!