Monday, October 30, 2006

Ed Levine Eats Contest and Donuts

I don't live in New York City, but if you are in the vicinity, quickly head over to this blog and enter Ed Levine's contest. His blog is located at this address:

This blog actually makes me hungry. All those fabulous restaurants, so far away. Sigh!

One of Ed Levine's recent posts describes a "donut tasting" which included sampling from several local donut masters. There was also a "donut dessert" from one of the umpteen million NYC restaurants, at a cost of $9.00 USD per serving. For that kind of money, those donuts better get up and dance. Geesh, I sound like Grandpa! Still I envy New Yorkers, having so many wonderful restaurants to choose from. We have our own share of wonderful restaurants in Southern California, but we must drive over the river and through the hoods. Not like in NYC, where you walk down the street, jump in a cab, or ride the subway and there you are. How lucky is that!

Now, if you really want to try some great donuts, check out the recipe in James Beard's classic cookbook "Beard on Bread" which is one of my absolute favorites. His donut recipe was a real life saver last year, when our family was in the midst of a major crisis. Making up a batch of these homemade donuts made a terrible situation just a little bit easier to endure. If making your own donuts doesn't do it for you, there's a donut shop inside the Shell Gasoline station down the street from here that makes an incredibly light, non-greasy glazed buttermilk donut. Take that New York!

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mooncrazy said...

Donuts the bandaid for life. I too have found solice in those little fat pills.

Beard on Bread, I've always thought that was a weird name for a great book.