Saturday, October 14, 2006

Broken Cookies Have No Calories

Just a moment for a few random thoughts while I finish up with a baker's dozen posts on some basic cookie recipes:

Broken cookies have no calories.

Mom and Grandma made some pretty good cookies. Thanks!

Did you see that creepy commercial? No thank you, I don't dream about playing chess in the kitchen with a talking beaver and Abe Lincoln. Ever.

Maybe Starbucks should hand out information on how people can get a good night's sleep.

Kinda like a cigarette company telling you how to talk to your kids about smoking.

If he is the oldest person to have a number one album on the Billboard charts, why can't Bob Dylan crack a smile?

Can there ever be too many chocolate chip cookie recipes? I'll give you five seconds to answer that one.

Will the non-dysfunctional family please identify yourselves?

Once again, it's wait till next year. Hey, it could happen. THINK BLUE!

Why does chili, spaghetti, and cold pizza taste so good the next day?

If they are bringing "sexy back", then where has it been hiding all this time?

I am confused. Doesn't "farewell tour" mean you aren't going to be doing it anymore?

Nobody knows who ate the last cookie. Ever.

1 comment:

mooncrazy said...

I'm thinking "blue" for next year, we've all winter to wait.

I don't care why pizza is better the next day, I just eat it.