Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tag, You're It!

I got tagged! It's a list of five things in the freezer, closet, purse and car. Here goes:
Freezer - mango/watermelon ice pops, frozen pizza dough, heart shaped ube cake, fresh frozen raspberries, and buttercream icing

Closet - Dodger cap signed by McCourt, Scarlett O'Hara Barbie, dwindling collection of Christmas decorations, old Nikes, and a beloved official Green Bay Packers Cheesehead given by my son-in-law (he really knows how to impress!)

Car - small change in the cup holder, tissues in the console, parking stubs from the Olympic lot, torn window shade (sorry Michael), and a discount coupon for Chinese buffet in Alhambra

Purse - lipstick (you never know!), Vet bill (more on this later), two lottery tickets, Pilot G-2 gel pens blue & black, and Listerine Pocket Plus fresh citrus flavor (all that garlic takes a toll on my love life)

TAG! --- now Froggie is up next!

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mooncrazy said...

You know I too can't get rid of coupons and yet I rarely use them. I just carry them around in my car until they either expire or get so sun-faded they are unreadable.

Thanks for playing