Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bloomingdale's One Day Sale Today

I love this store! It only happens a few times per year, so get out there and shop. Or go online and check out the Bloomingdale's one day home sale. Save 20% to 75%! My first home dept. purchase a couple of years ago was my KitchenAid Heavy Duty mixer, and I could not believe this sale price---$199 plus shipping! WOW! This is the very same mixer we use in culinary school. And I have never seen it this cheap anywhere. I love mine, and as long as I keep the setting at #2 when kneading dough, it works just fine. Other great buys are the sheets, towels, the Cuisinart food processor, and the Le Creuset Dutch ovens. But this being the Summer of Shadow, I have to wait till the next Bloomingdale's home sale, which usually comes around Christmas time. Ah, the things we do for love.
(No home items at the Beverly Center)
Sale ends Sat. July 29th. Call Bloomingdale's toll-free at 800/555-SHOP
Open a Bloomingdale's account and get an extra 15% off!

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