Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back Into The Kitchen

Must be feeling better. Went into the kitchen and saw all the old, out-dated spices, herbs, condiments, and seasonings in the pantry. Dumped all that stuff out. Yeah, I am feeling better.

Thanks to everyone for all the phone calls, cards, e-mails, and good thoughts. All your kindness has helped tremendously, and it is the best medicine in the world. Nothing is better than having good friends and family. Nothing.

Now it's back to the store to stock up the pantry again. And maybe shop around for a Weber smoker or grill---or both!


mooncrazy said...

I vote for the smoker. We saw one at the Culver City Farmer's Market. Just off Venice is the Weber store. They had many to choose from.

La Vida Dulce said...

Ooh, yeah, that sounds exactly what I had in mind. Especially since I just ordered the Weber BBQ book. Thanks for the hedzup!

Sylvie said...

I also recommend the Weber Smoky Mountain (WSM). It is versatile and can be used as a grill also. I have two which I use for BBQ competitions. The WSM will give you hours of low slow cooking without a fuss. Better yet, if you're doing somthing like a brisket or pork butt/shoulder, you get 6- 8 hours of 225-250 temps with out adding more charcoal and if overnight cooking, a good nights sleep. (P.S. I don't have any financial interest in Weber.)

The Weber cookbook also has some good info on real BBQing.