Monday, April 03, 2006

Four Funerals and a Wedding and a Baby

Within the past several months we have lost four family members, including my nephew last week. Our grief at a loss of this size has been somewhat balanced with the joy of our new arrival, Princess Kaylie Jean, and with the recent celebration at the wedding of April & Jerrod. Life works that way, thank God. Today is also a reminder of Gramps and his beloved UCLA Bruins, as they get ready for the BIG NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP tonight. Wherever he is right now, there is a whole lot of joy, his team made it to the finals. Today is also a rainy Opening Day at Dodger Stadium. At this writing, it's Braves 4, Dodgers zip. Sure hope that changes soon, we could use a win today. I could sure use a tablespoon more of that joy.

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